Policy - General Policies

Series Nunber  400  State Council Standing Committees
Series Number 401  State Committee & Coordinators Appointments
Series Number 401A  Letter of Intent
Series Number 402  Conflict of InterestSeries
Series Number 403 Schedule of State Committee & Coordinators Appointments
sERIESSeries Number 404  Council Meeting Reporting & Expense Procedure
SerSeries Number 405  Expenses & Fund Raising for International Candidates
Series Number 405A  International Officer Canadidate Procedure
Series Number 406 State Convention Rules of Procedure
Series Number 406A State Convention Rules of Procedure Guidelines
Series Number 407 Multiple District 14 Election Procedure
Series Number 408  Peace Poster Contest

SerSeries Number 409  State Merchandise StoreSer ies
Series Number 411 Leo of the Year Awarde

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